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Active Sitter

Deodorizer powder for cat litter , eliminates odor molecules rather than just using fragrance to disguise the bad smells

Foam Dry Shampoo with Keratin

* Anti‎-Bacterial. * Jumbo size. * Double foam volume. * Long lasting scent. * 520ml. * Shampoo for pets only‎,‎ It‎'‎s an Anti‎-Bacterial Shampoo with a Double foam volume and long lasting scent . * USAGE‎:‎ Extrude moderate foam on the whole body of pet‎,‎ comb the properly and massage the body with hand for a few minutes‎,‎ then wipe the body with towel until it is clean‎.‎ * Product specifications is identical for the European/US standard ‎.‎ * Designed to protect the oil and PH balance of pet skin.