101Pets Store

101Pets Store a family business that was established in 2010
to be the first specialized pet
store in egypt and up lifting the
standards of pet stores in Egypt
by providing the best products
& services for pets owners and
their four-legged friend.

We are the first to provide a huge
assortment of brands, products
and services in the Egyptian
and middleeast market.

We do breeding and training for all pets kind to a professional level, and we usually did not launch any products before testing them internally to ensure their quality and conformity to specifications and standards

101Pets Store strives to become the world’s leading pet stores by putting all our effort to always supply consumers with everything they need. We will always help to enhance the connection between the pets’ owners and their pet’s needs, by making their lives easier and improving the relationship between them.
We believe that pets make us better people. That’s why, along with more services for people and their pets we provide the best products in the world.
The Fundamentals principles of 101Pets Store is the pillar of our ethics & beliefs in caring for your beloved four-legged family members. We care for our clients, partners and communities and we agree that the secret to improving our unique culture is our ethics & Integrity.

Why Choose Us?

1. Health
We give you a health Warranty for 1 month and have a vet assigned for u 24/7 in case of any emergency.
2. Exchange
We give you time to bond with your new family member and in case you think you both don't click, you can come back to us in 7 days to exchange.
3. Pure Breed
Pets with pedigree 100% Pure Breed Only
4. Price
We try to keep our prices as low as possible so everyone that is in need of a new best friend finds it with us at an affordable price that fits within the budget.